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Sabtu, 19 Januari 2008

First Experience with FirstMedia

At January,19th,2008, I called First Media Customer Service for the first time. Well, I had expected the line would be busy but I directly connected with the CS. I asked about the coverage area of Fastnet in Depok, a woman asked me the street and where I lived. She said that Depok had not covered with fastnet yet, but she would give the suggestions to their technical. It's good for the first time.

Then I asked about the bandwidth of Fastnet 768 packet. She said taht the bandwith could be down to 700 kbps, I told her I had read the problem from the another user. Well then, she asked about my telp number too, maybe to inform me when Depok is covered with fastnet.

So far so good, only that I can say. I 'm afraid if the woman will forget the form she had written while we were talking. I hope no.

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